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Welcome to Varme Woodwork , where timeless craftsmanship meets Scandinavian elegance. We take pride in curating extraordinary cabin house experiences that embody luxury, comfort, and the soulful essence of nature.


Nomadic sauna
“Black pearl”

  • Comfortable up to 4 persons

  • Building size: 3000 x 1800 x 2500 cm

  • Fire-wood stove or electric

  • Insulated for all year round use

Crafted with profound expertise in Nordic sauna traditions and a deep respect for nature's resources, the "Black Pearl" embodies this legacy. Well selected materials and treatment solutions ensure it surpasses every expectation.


With a choice between the authentic allure of a firewood stove or the modern convenience of an electric option, it’s opportunity to choose between tradition or innovation.


This sauna isn't just a building; it's a blend of nature essence, sustainability, and thoughtful design, promising an experience that resonates with the soul while embracing the essence of timeless relaxation in the modern world.

Price  starts from:  199 900.- (+MVA)

At Varme Woodworks, craftsmanship is our passion, and luxury is our standard. We specialize in creating bespoke interiors, crafting exquisite furniture, and building serene timber saunas that redefine relaxation experiences. 


We take pride in using sustainable materials and high-quality timber, responsively sourced to create timeless pieces that resonate with elegance and sustainability.

Create your own wellness paradise, anywhere in
beautiful Norway

Let us be your trusted partner in crafting bespoke, high-class cabin houses that resonate with the soulful essence of nature and redefine the art of modern living.

500 Terry Francine St.San Francisco, CA 94158


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